Olly Newport
Freelance Filmmaker & Photographer

TenEighty: Hannah Witton

Hannah Witton

For Teneighty magazine

Look 01. Primary Colour, Bright, Little Shadow


Faded Bright Colour

Washed and faded fabrics. Clothing should be the brightest thing in the room. So bombastic, loud shirts. Think late 80s, early 90s. Little grundge, somewhat scruffy. 

Photographed with little shadow. Bright, soft, diffused lighting.

Clothing should be a single bright piece - a lively patterned shirt, or a solid colour dress. Something that adds contrast to the flatness of the room. 

If possible, contrast with white or black. 


Props? Glitter? (Budget / Makeup expertise) 


Look 02. Darker pastel + clothing, more shadow


Pretty, grubby, grainy pastel pink. Splashes of orange, mustard yellow and brown. Something with texture. The set will need to be dressed correctly to achieve this - pattern bed sheets, a vintage lamp, characterful props?

Allowing grey to become somewhat prominent, dipping the highlights and less diffusion.

and/or: bright, direct flash, high key, high contrast, combined with coloured gels on flashes. Strong colour pallet.

Coloured gels on flashes to add strong colour and contrast

Coloured gels on flashes to add strong colour and contrast