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Summer is Over


Location: London, UK
Shot, edited, sound design, music: Olly Newport

It rains and then it pours. Synopsis: an unhinged demagogue you've never met has a tantrum with a self-preserving mass murdering dictator; suddenly the seasons cease to exist, as does all life on earth.

It's August, officially the last month of 'Silly Season', and to top off the anti-climatic summer we've been having, it rained 30mm in two hours last week (9th August).

With clients on holiday, I've had some free time to catch up on personal projects: photographs I should've produced three years ago; making art prints, and messing around with music software.

I had spent several days cooped up inside with merely Twitter for company... unfortunately this 'friend' only continued to make me more paranoid. It looked like we might be on the verge of assured nuclear annihilation.

Rain—much like the atom bomb—is inherently unpleasant, and to be avoided if at all possible. Slowed down 32 times water takes on a new life, and has a similar element to a nuclear bombs transient condensation cloud; the large rings the form outside an explosion.

With this visual in mind, I grabbed my Sony FS5 with 100mm macro lens, set S&Q mode to 800fps, and dashed out the front door.


Scoring and sound designing this film has been a highly experimental process, partly because I have little musical training, and I wanted to use as little water Foley as I could.

Much of the sound in the film comes from super time stretching various bits of archive newsreel material: taking the first syllable from the word 'think' can give a good wind sound; using the third syllable from the word 'England' when combined with a harmonics filter can give you a pleasant sustained musical note.

Combined together with various weather reports, nuclear warning broadcasts, and number stations, it fuses an acid trip out of a dull downpour.