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Actors READ Daily Mail Comments about Big Ben's 4 Year Silence


Recently I turned 23. Coming face-to-face with the harsh realities of ageing has an upside: its made me industrious and productive... sorta, if you count hunting through furious comments on the Daily Mail's website. 


Location: Westminster, London, UK
Shot, edited: Olly Newport
Voice Actors: Benjamin Cook, Rachel0012, crownjules, mikeporter & vakart
Thanks To: Callum O'Brien, Joseph M, Greg Cox, Ryan O'Connor
Music: "Rule, Britannia!" by James Thomson (lyrics) and Thomas Arne (music). Sung by Albert Farrington in 1914 for Edison Records. This is Edison Blue Amberol #2486.

Absolute uproar this week from The Daily Mail, as it was revealed that health and safety precautions meant that Big Ben's bongs are being silenced until 2021. Even emotionless void Theresa May poured petrol on the issue (rather than condemning international tragedies at the time).

From the reaction of the tabloids, politicians and newspaper commenters, you'd have assumed that a big clock ceasing to bong was the hot national issue of the year (despite 99.9% of the population not actually benefiting from it).

It was this tweet from @DMReporter that amused me enough to spend the next day and a half producing, shooting and editing the silliest thing I've made so far.


It was obviously a piss-take but it lead me down a rabbit hole of other more genuine sounding comments, which, with the help of a few voice actors on Fiverr (and Benjamin Cook) came to life.


Part of my sudden surge in output is a change on my stance about my own ideas. Normally, I think of something, I imagine how it would look, flow and sound—and then it gets repressed. 

Now: I think of it. I pick up the camera. I make it.

May it continue!