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Italy — Venice


Italy is a place I could visit endlessly (but must moderate for love of my waistline). Italy deserves your time, effort and patience; an unhurried visit beasts a stuffed itinerary of ancient ruins and masterpieces. Italy is best enjoyed slowly—like their wine—with leisurely strolls and gelato cones. 

My love affair started in Venice: a city blessed with splendorous colour, alleys and unique crannies that present at all opportunities... but cursed by droves of tourists. So, many, tourists! 


I visited accidentally during an even busier than usual period, Carnevale: the festival marking the transition between winter and spring.


I walked out of Venezia Santa Lucia railway station to a scene of pulsing activity — you could power a city from the abundance of pure energy. I turned off my phone for the first time on my trip to tap the intoxicating surrounds, and ignored any desire to specify my destination. 

€0,65 for a glass of white wine + €1 for a fresh proscuttio sandwich

€0,65 for a glass of white wine + €1 for a fresh proscuttio sandwich


Off the main thoroughfares, snuggled amongst pretty auburn alleyways, assisted by sheer winter sunlight: I could capture gems of quiet isolation, like the tourists were never around the corner — just the camera and the subject.

Venice is a street photography paradise.