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Brighton Pride 2016—2018

Pride Bus Stop

Visiting Brighton brings back strong memories; it's where I sorta/kinda/partially grew up. A place of great inspiration, filled with wonderful quirks, cheap fashions and immense creativity. 

Studying film at college in Brighton let me tap into a resource of fascinating personalities to develop my film-making style.

Brighton—above all—let me say I was gay with zero fucks given by others; I attribute the city with the reason I'm so comfortable in my own skin. I had many 'first ever' moments, made friends, lost friends, and learnt to adult. 

For these reasons, I try to revisit frequently... it's the only day of the year I can combine three passions: Brighton, street photography, and queerness. Three years running I've cranked the saturation filter, and slipped down narrow Laines in search of the moment.... below are a selection: