Olly Newport
Freelance Filmmaker & Photographer

Marie Curie Portfolio

Narrative & Interview Work



“Roxxxan and Jade talk about their experiences of being outed, and what they did after it happened. For more information: https://childline.org.uk/info-advice/your-feelings/sexual-identity/”


Producer: Marnie Winter-Burke
editor: Courtney Zitola
camera+lighting+sound: Olly Newport


Jazza John

“My grandad voted to leave and I voted to remain in the EU. Since the UK voted for Brexit there have been more and more called for a second referendum and a people's vote, but how can we reconcile that with out older relatives who voted overwhelmingly to leave the European Union. A lot of us are returning home over Christmas and might end up having difficult conversations about politics with relatives. I did it and filmed it with my Grandad to show how it can be done, and to make it easier for you.”


editor: Jazza John
camera+lighting+sound: Olly Newport



“Leaving a gift in your will is a promise to be there for every dog and cat. By leaving a gift in your will to Battersea, whatever size, you're helping us to transform the lives of the thousands of dogs and cats that come through our gates every year.”


Edit+camera+sound: Olly Newport



“Natalie Dormer visits NSPCC Childline to listen in on a night shift.”


Director: Lorrin Braddick
Edit+camera+sound: Olly Newport